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We believe in storytelling here at MAD Archives, so here's ours:


I'm Madison. I am currently a master's student at Stanford. I studied "Science, Technology, and Society" for my BA, and I'm now studying "Media Studies" for my MA. I've always loved music--I sing opera in Stanford's Music Department. I also was a cheerleader all four years of my undergrad! Go Card!

I had always been curious about what it would be like to work at a music label, and I was able to work at one last year through an initiative at Stanford. One of my favorite pastimes became searching for interesting treasures all over the label. There were boxes full of extra merchandise from tours, weird or unique promotional items hung as decor, and even funny props from music videos--all just sitting around! I found out that many labels have even more items in their vaults. These vaults hold items from catalog artists like Madonna. 

Each item in a vault or in the label had it's own story. I hated that all of these stories were going to waste and just sitting in vaults for years. This is why I started MAD Archives. I wanted to give these items and stories homes with fans. 

MAD Archives collects authentic music items--sometimes up-cycling them to fit a new purpose--and brings them to fans!

These sorts of products are more important now (in the digital age) than ever! It is so hard to find tangible pieces that define identity, bond us to others, and preserve memories. These physical products serve that very personal purpose. They bring artists and fans closer together, and they foster communities.

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