MAD Archives

MAD Archives connects musicians and fans by selling repurposed items gathered from labels and artists. These limited and authentic products allow artists to better share their lifestyles with fans, who get to own their own piece of the artist's journey

The Mission

Music is a lifestyle. Music lovers should be able to own items that showcase their preferences, memories, and values. We believe that these items should be exclusive, special, and authentic. They should make both the artist and the fan proud, while bringing them closer together.




Telling the Story

Each product is uniquely designed with pieces from music labels or artists. These pieces each have their own stories to tell: perhaps they were used in a music video, or they mean something special to the artist. These stories bring life to MAD Archives products, and create connections between artists and fans.


We partner with labels and artists. These partnerships ensure that artists can contribute their vision, and that customers receive authentic products. Want to partner with us?